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Stock and Lock!
Was this any way for a world-famous heroine to be treated? Shyne thought as she stood awkwardly, locked in a pillory-like device with her posterior pointed towards the coastline. She had thought to come out and visit this place seeing as how it was a day off for her. However, it seemed fate had other plans. After finding a secluded area on the coast, she laid down for a nice nap to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks below...

...unfortunately, when she awoke, she would find herself standing in a slightly hunched-over position, her wrists and head shackled inside a wooden stock! Aghast, she at first attempted to simply break through with her incredible strength... but it was no use. Whoever had designed the sleeve-like locks for this stock obviously had the heroine's strength in mind when they had created it. The more she struggled, the more tired out she was getting. She also soon realized that she couldn't even pull the stocks from its foundation in the rocky cliff she now stood upon. Someone could have drugged her while she was asleep as well, which would leave her powerless to escape until the drug wore off. 

Whimpering, and completely helpless.. she could only hope that a friendly passerby would stop to help her out. Would you help the heroine out of this predicament?
Hey all! I guess this could be considered to be my first personal bondage piece. I got the idea from a friend of mine who drew a couple of OCs in stocks, and I decided that I had to try it out with my favorite subject as of late- Xeno Shyne! Hope you like it! :D
Lavandita, Desert Fighter
A saiyan born with the name Antra, the desert beauty who would later be known as Lavandita, was sent to a desert planet as an infant and was forced to grow up in a harsh environment. For if the local fauna and flora didn't kill you, the severe weather conditions just might.

Unlike most saiyan babies who grew up to conquer the plants they were on because their dominant species were weak-willed or passive, Arba learned to respect the other inhabits of the planet she was on, for they too had to survive and endure the harsh environment.

The inhabitants saw her great strength and endurance put to good use on their planet, and when her tail weakness was discovered, she had it clipped off to prevent it from happening again (lucky for them that the moon never reached its full stage during Lavandita's time on the planet.) A favorite past time of the locals was grappling and wrestling, so she adopted that as her official fighting style. It's also one of the ways she captured and defeated prey (akin to Goku wrestling with big fish) using her own body as a weapon.

Life seemed to be not so bad on her planet until one day, under orders from Frieza, a group of Galactic Army soldiers arrived to wipe out the saiyan presence there. Their target was Lavandita, and to get to her they killed many of her friends and adopted family. Enraged, she fought back against them as best as she could and managed to wipe them out, but with heavy injuries to herself. 

Near death, she fell to the ground and accepted her fate. When she next woke up however, she thought she was in the afterlife.. but instead was inside a healing tank located in Conton City, owned and operated by a certain member of Frieza's race...

The rest is history.
Hey all, just decided to draw my newest Xenoverse character- who in this case is a version of another one of my characters- Lavandita! I figure to distinguish between these two, this one will just be referred to as Xeno Lavandita. That way people will know who I'm talking about. Hope you like her!
Pearl Soldier
A common foot soldier (fodder) in the Pearl Corporation's forces, Pearl Soldiers make up a vast majority of the forces the corporation hires out to paying customers for anyone who needs stylish bodyguards, escorts, security, mercenaries, assassins and many other types of services. These soldiers come cheap as they have hardly any training, as they consist of young women from all walks of life. Because of the high risk involved in their type of work, the turnover rate is quite high. But those women who are fortunate enough to survive the harsh job requirements are those who are able to reap the many benefits offered by the Pearl Corporation.
Hey all. So the very first uploads I made to DA consisted of a few Pearl Soldier sketches, and those formed the basis for my drawings of them from that point onward. Since I haven't really drawn anything with a Pearl Soldier in it for a while, I decided to do so now. Enjoy her while she's still alive! Devilish 
Since I'm getting a lot of questions about requests, I figure I'll address the matter in a post.

To those inquiring, I generally do not take these unless the idea really sparks my interest. If you feel you have a good idea, don't be afraid to run it by me. (I generally tend to like anything involving my own characters!)

And of course, I am always open for commissions. 
Art dump today, just a bunch of stuff I've drawn that I hadn't gotten around to uploading yet!
Would anyone be interested in some art trades involving some of our OCs in a battle? Just a random thought. Could be fun!


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