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Pearl Soldier
A common foot soldier (fodder) in the Pearl Corporation's forces, Pearl Soldiers make up a vast majority of the forces the corporation hires out to paying customers for anyone who needs stylish bodyguards, escorts, security, mercenaries, assassins and many other types of services. These soldiers come cheap as they have hardly any training, as they consist of young women from all walks of life. Because of the high risk involved in their type of work, the turnover rate is quite high. But those women who are fortunate enough to survive the harsh job requirements are those who are able to reap the many benefits offered by the Pearl Corporation.
Hey all. So the very first uploads I made to DA consisted of a few Pearl Soldier sketches, and those formed the basis for my drawings of them from that point onward. Since I haven't really drawn anything with a Pearl Soldier in it for a while, I decided to do so now. Enjoy her while she's still alive! Devilish 
Since I'm getting a lot of questions about requests, I figure I'll address the matter in a post.

To those inquiring, I generally do not take these unless the idea really sparks my interest. If you feel you have a good idea, don't be afraid to run it by me. (I generally tend to like anything involving my own characters!)

And of course, I am always open for commissions. 
Art dump today, just a bunch of stuff I've drawn that I hadn't gotten around to uploading yet!
Don't Piss Off the Oni Savage!

The mercenary clad in her favorite leotard and blue armor hit the wall hard, sliding down the stony masonry and into a heap on the floor. Said outfit at this point however, was in terrible condition. Ripped in several areas and her armor cracked and in some places even shattered and stripped.. Athena began to wonder just how she found herself in such a situation. 

Looming over the young swordswoman was another woman of very tall stature, taller in fact than most men. And with double the strength to boot! Her very light attire left little to the imagination but served well to display her very impressive build.. with rippling muscles all up and down her bare belly, arms and legs. What a fool this little girl from the western lands was for daring to challenge her!

Athena slowly picked herself up from the ground, now on hands and knees. All she planned for was a friendly match.. she had no idea that she'd be in for the beating of her life! Before she could get up on her own however, the brutish savage grasped a portion of the girl's stretchy leotard around her neck and lifted her up, pulling her in close at Athena's protests. "N-no more!" the mercenary pleaded, waving her arms about. "I-I give up! You're stronger than me.. a LOT stronger!"

"Damn right I am!" the savage said, holding Athena up in the air effortlessly.. and with one hand no less! "You'd do well to remember my strength too. For I am but a sampling of the strength of my people. You got that?"

Athena nodded her head nervously, not wanting to anger this woman any more than she already had... was it really that bad what she had said? All she did was state that the woman's mask on her head looked a bit silly...

"I am Takibi of the Shadowflame Tribe. Remember my name, little one!" the savage roared before slamming Athena down on a table. The mercenary coughed out in pain and could only watch in awe as Takibi made her way out of the tavern.

This had certainly been an interesting day.
Just a simple ryona image I did at the request of another. I might do a follow-up to this one with Athena learning an even harsher lesson if I get enough requests for it. 
Born the daughter of a very successful and famous mercenary, Athena grew up learning the way of the sword and following in her father's footsteps. A cheerful and happy girl who never seems to be in a somber mood, she now seeks to start out on her own adventure and live the life of a wandering mercenary. However, it's only a matter of time until Athena finds out that mercenary life isn't all that it's cracked up to be... and that the outside world can be just downright cruel!
So one of my friends had an idea for a RP based on Fire Emblem, and this is the first character I came up with for that purpose. Say something nice about her! :3
Would anyone be interested in some art trades involving some of our OCs in a battle? Just a random thought. Could be fun!


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